What is "Kommune DAO"?

A Community-Owned Governance DAO on Klaytn

Currently, the Klaytn ecosystem needs a governance structure in which community members and builders can actively participate to improve the level of decentralization. A centralized decision-making structure makes network governance dependent on a small number of participants, which can cause problems in the stability and integrity of the network. In addition, the centralized governance structure can hinder the participation of new entrants and innovative efforts, and thus reduce competitiveness. In order to secure the sustainability of the blockchain ecosystem, decentralization, transparency and democratic participation must be guaranteed.

Kommune DAO aims to strengthen the soundness of the Klaytn ecosystem and establish a mature governance system. A key goal of this project is to get community members and builders to actively participate in the governance structure.

We will encourage the participation of builders and various project teams to expand the number of participants in the Klaytn ecosystem and strengthen the connectivity between projects. We will also strengthen the transparency of the governance structure through community-owned node validation, and enable users to contribute to the development of Klaytn by making governance decisions such as voting, submitting agendas, and promoting projects.

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